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    Seagull 21 Jewels ST16 ST1612 TY2806 Day-Date Automatic Movement

    Item No.: Seagull ST16 ST1612 TY2806 Day-Date Movement
    Price: US$31.5
    Category: Watch Movement & Stem Tabs & Screws


    Seagull 21 Jewels ST16 ST1612 TY2806 Day-Date Automatic Movement, GlossyPolished Parts With Column Wheel & Day-Date Calendar.

    The TY2806 automatic movement has a similar train layout to the Japanese Miyota 8215 day-date movement, and the winding mechanism has a Seiko-style auto-winding ‘Magic Lever’ system inspired by Seiko. This provided Sea-Gull with a modern, simple and efficient full-sized wristwatch calibre that served as the basis of a myriad of complicated variants. The TY2806 movement is produced by Tijin Seagull in China. It is a cost-effective high quality design that is used by a lot of watch brands such as Android, Rotary, Ingersoll, Fossil, and Zodiac watches etc...

    BPH- Beats per hour
    The TY2806 day-date escapement beats at 21600bph or 6 beats per second between each marker. Most mechanical movements rin at 18000 BPH or 5 beats per second. Higher end movements have higher beats per seconds. The second hands on these movements tend to display a smoother running second hand.

    21,600 beats………..1 hr………..1 min
    ————-..X…———..X..———..=..6 beats per second
    …..1 hr……………..60 min………60 sec

    The TY2806 has 21 jewels. No they aren’t real as I’ve often heard people say 🙂 Jewels are synthetic rubies that are used to reduce friction and wear on moving parts. They don’t add any real value. Lower end movements have 7 to 15 jewels while the standard for most quality watches is 17 or more.

    The Power reserve on the TY2806 is 36 hours when the mainspring is fully wound. Most watches have a power reserve of 30 hours or more

    Condition: Overall in brand new condition and movement keeping excellent time.