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    Seagull ST6DL ST6D1 Automatic 21600 BPH Watch Movemant (Ladies Watch Size)

    Item No.: Seagull ST6DL ST6D1
    Price: US$20
    Category: Watch Movement & Stem Tabs & Screws


    Seagull ST6DL ST6D1 Automatic 21600 BPH Watch Movemant (Ladies Watch Size)


    Technical data

    Manufacturer - Sea-Gull
    Caliber - ST6DL ST6D1
    Escapement - Anchor with pallets
    Balance - Nickel
    Balance cock direction - clockwise
    Hairspring stud - moveable
    Regulator type Hairspring key
    Features - SCD,QG,RDR,AUT
    Functions - Hour, minute, second, day, selfwinding
    Beats per hour - 21600
    Ligne Size - 8 3/4"
    MM Diam: 19.8
    Thickness: 5.80
    Dial Feet: 4:00 & 9:30
    Hands: 85/135/20
    Tap: 10
    Features: Sweep Second, Automatic, Date at 3


    The Power reserve on the ST6DL is About 36 hours when the mainspring is fully wound. Most watches have a power reserve of 30 hours or more

    Condition : Overall in brand new condition .

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